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“I feel certain you bring some magic to the practice of yoga for kids. Thanks for sharing it!” 

                  - Kaitlin Quistgaard, Editor-in-Chief
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Use the Award-Winning Storytime Yoga® for Kids Materials by Sydney Solis and Educate your Child with Stories and Yoga

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Storytime Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children Through Story

Get the Classic, Award-Nominated Kids Yoga Teaching Guide that started a generation of kids yoga and story enthusiasts Storytime Yoga®: Teaching Children Yoga Through Story.

Treasure in Your Heart kids yoga book coverCreate a peaceful world with story and yoga. Storytime Yoga®: The Treasure in Your Heart: Stories and Yoga for Peaceful Children

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Award-Winning Storytime Yoga® The Peddler’s Dream Kids Yoga DVD as seen on PBS!


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Storytime Yoga® in the Library: The Lion and the Mouse
by Kathe Hudson Master Certified Storytime Yoga® Teacher and Librarian “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ---Aesop Once upon a time in a deep, dark forest there lived a ferocious lion. All of the forest creatures cowered in fear whenever he came near. His m... Read more
Storytime Yoga® for Kids Beginners Series Starts April 12
Oral is primary! Get started educating your child with oral storytelling and yoga – from wherever you are in the world! Take the Online Storytime Yoga® for Kids Beginners Series with Sydney Solis. It starts Saturday, April 12 p.m. EST and runs for three weeks on at the Mythic Yoga Stu... Read more
Art of the Storytelling Yoga Teacher Online 4-week Course Begins April 1
Spring is here! Warm up your vocal chords and put them to good use. Enroll in the online Art of the Storytelling Yoga teacher online course and learn the fine art of oral storytelling to teach yoga and yoga philosophy to children, teens and adults while tapping into your creativity. Learn from w... Read more
Storytime Yoga® for Kids Teacher Training coming to Lima, Peru!
I am delighted to announce a special 5-day live training for kids yoga teachers in the Storytime Yoga® method at Adhikara Yoga in Lima, Peru, Nov. 10-15. If you live in Peru or S. America, come join us! Or anywhere else in the world, come take a learning vacation! We will be covering the fin... Read more
The Jean E.R. Straub Storytime Yoga® for Kids Scholarship for Public Librarians
I am pleased to announce the Jean E.R. Straub Storytime Yoga® for Kids Scholarship for Public Librarians. My younger sister, Jean, was a reference librarian at the Parker Library in Douglas County, Colorado. It will be the first to receive Storytime Yoga® for Kids materials in her memory. ... Read more
Storytime Yoga® for Kids in the Library: The Monkey and the Crocodile
by Kathe Hudson  Master Storytime Yoga® for Kids Teacher and Librarian   A tale of honesty…a tale of dharma Emma Jean our butterfly, helps us use our imaginations. We’re all familiar with the age ole tale of the monkey and the crocodile. The cunning croc tricks the unsuspect... Read more
Sparking Kids Imagination in Yoga: Kripalu perspectives podcast with Sydney Solis
A great listen about the power of storytelling and kids yoga! Or just about anything! Do tell! Sparking Kids Imagination in Yoga: Kripalu perspectives podcast with Sydney Solis Read more
Storytime Yoga® for Kids - The Origin of the Prairie Rose - Native American, Lakota
By Sydney Solis Copyright 2009 The Mythic Yoga Studio LLC All rights Reserved. In July 2009 I had the honor of going to the Pine Ridge Reservation of the Lakota People in South Dakota with Yoga World Reach. It was such an amazing experience, as blogged about previously. In resea... Read more
Dhruva - Kids Yoga Story of Justice
Based on various versions of the Vishnu Purana and Smirad Bhagavatam, Canto 4. Retold by Sydney Solis See Working with the Story below One day, five-year-old Dhruva was playing in the palace garden with his half brother Uthama. Their father, King Uttánapáda, appeared, and instantly ... Read more
Storytime Yoga® for Kids Featured at Dad-Child Festival in India
I am delighted to announce this fabulous project by Storytime Yoga® for Kids instructor Hetal Mody of Mumbai, India. She is using wonderful warm-ups, breathing, chanting and oral storytelling in yoga to connect fathers with their children in this family yoga program. Kids yoga with oral storytellin... Read more
Return of the Oral Tradition: Storytelling and Kids Yoga Classes
by Sydney Solis Suddenly storytelling is hot. People are starting to get together and tell stories to each other. It's being used in marketing as everybody from Fiat to Chipotle are engaged in telling stories to sell products. Of course we at Storytime Yoga® for Kids have known all along the... Read more
Kids Yoga Philosophy Through Christian Story: Faith and Courage
Recently I have started catechism at my local Catholic Church. I was baptized Catholic, but never followed the church. Pope Francis, with his revolutionary call for social justice and humble living, inspired me, as he exemplifies the teachings of the Jesus I believed in as a child from the... Read more
Kids Yoga Class for Valentine's Day - The Most Beautiful Heart
The Heart. It is the seat of the soul and the source of love. This Valentine's Day, tell the American folktale of the Most Beautiful Heart and put kids and families in touch with what really matters - the love inside. The Storytime Yoga® for Kids Yoga Story Kit The Most Beautiful Heart features ... Read more
Kids Yoga and Mantra: Brother Simple - Christian
retold by Sydney Solis Once a student asked me for a story that she wanted to include in a meditation that she was recording for military personnel so that they could reconnect to their inner child. Thinking soldier, the 12th century story of Brother Simple from the Golden Legend came to mind... Read more
Storytime Yoga® for Kids in Killaloe County Clare, Ireland Children’s Community Féile Eile Free Fun Day
by Denise Sheridan Storytime Yoga® for Kids Teacher  My name is Denise Sheridan, mum of 3, preschool /after school owner and manager, story-maker, kindermusik educator and enthusiastic children’s yoga instructor and I have been teaching  yoga to my own children for 7 years, qualified as... Read more
Jumping Mouse - The Hero's Journey - Storytime Yoga® for Kids Story from Native America
  Retold by Sydney Solis Listen to a Recording of this Story  Working With the Story: The Hero's Journey with Yoga Asana   Once there was a little mouse. He was just like any other little mouse. He was always gathering up seeds to eat and twigs and cotton to build a nest with. ... Read more
Storytime Yoga® for Kids Coming to Light House Children's Museum in DeLand, Florida
I am delighted to announce that live Storytime Yoga® for Kids classes will be offered at the brand new Light House Children's Museum in beautiful downtown DeLand, Florida! Come Learn and Play the Storytime Yoga® Way at this wonderful place for kids and families as part of your admission to ... Read more
Kids Yoga Business Practices: Marketing Yourself to Conferences and Institutions
By Sydney Solis   One of the best ways to gain exposure and market your talents as a Storytime Yoga teacher and spread the word about the benefits of kids yoga and storytelling is to present at a conference. There are many varieties of conferences and institutions and the uniqueness of St... Read more
The Little Fir Tree - A Story for Loving Your Body
by Sydney Solis I presented this folktale with kids yoga asana from the United States at the Love Your Body Day in Reston, Virginia in 2012 This Storytime Yoga® for Kids story Includes Warm-up, Story, Relaxation and Discussion WARM – ... Read more
Use Puppets to prompt storymaking, literacy and kids yoga fun!
by Sydney Solis I love puppets and have written about them before. Here’s a fun way to bring the imagination alive during a kids yoga class and teach narrative and literacy! I have a big bag of puppets of different shapes and sizes. Some are in little bags to make things more mysterious. ... Read more