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Storytime Yoga® for Kids

Sydney teaching youngsters at the Light House Children’s Museum in DeLand, Florida 2014.

“I feel certain you bring some magic to the practice of yoga for kids. Thanks for sharing it!” 

                  - Kaitlin Quistgaard, Editor-in-Chief
                                    Yoga Journal Magazine

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Use the Award-Winning Storytime Yoga® for Kids Materials by Sydney Solis and Educate your Child with Wisdom Stories and Yoga

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Storytime Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children Through Story

Get the Classic, Award-Nominated Kids Yoga Teaching Guide that started a generation of kids yoga and story enthusiasts Storytime Yoga®: Teaching Children Yoga Through Story.

Treasure in Your Heart kids yoga book coverCreate a peaceful world with story and yoga. Storytime Yoga®: The Treasure in Your Heart: Stories and Yoga for Peaceful Children

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Award-Winning Storytime Yoga® The Peddler’s Dream Kids Yoga DVD as seen on PBS!


Storytime Yoga for Kids Anansi's Hunger Utkatasana

Use materials to educate your child with yoga and story! 

Namaste and Have a Magical Day!

How Teachers are Using Their Storytime Yoga Teacher Training
Bringing the joy and wisdom of story and yoga to kids is what draws in teachers from all over the world to train in Storytime Yoga. They know that the word and image and a story well-told are the best attention-holders and vehicle to teach yoga to kids. Trainees not only learn to find their voice... Read more
Storytime Yoga for Kids Book at Telluride Public Library
Years ago I gave a private training to Telluride Public Library's Children's Librarian Elizabeth Tracy (who is now the director of the Whistler, BC Public Library). She walked into my house in Boulder and immediately said, "I know you!" She had worked with my late sister at the Rocky Mountain News l... Read more
Live Storytime Yoga® for Kids Family Classes with The Queen of Bohemia in Denver
At Amelia’s Mamma’s  3442 West 32nd Ave Denver, CO The Queen of Bohemia is back in Colorado. Join her in the Little Lotus for unique storytelling family yoga classes. In each class hear a wisdom story from around the world! Learn literacy and health skills that you can also do at home by... Read more
The Sun Salutation Chant for Kids Yoga and Story
Storytime Yoga®'s Sun Salutation for kids chant has spread like wildfire across children's yoga circles. So delighted to share with you the power of chant and the word to blend with the body to educate, enchant and entertain our kids by learning through play! It's found in Storytime Yoga: Teaching... Read more
The Little Lotus and Breathe it in, Breathe it out Dance
Try out some new warm-ups with the Queen of Bohemia in your next kids yoga class at home or school! Connect the breathe to the body and get moving. Namaste and have a magical day! Read more
Free Family Yoga Storytelling Concert & Sing-a-long Kirtan in Denver August 3
Join us for the wisdom of yoga and stories! Bring the whole family for some great yoga and stories! The Queen of Bohemia and Certified Master Storytime Yoga® Teacher Kathy Della Mia will share wisdom stories from around the world, get us moving, singing and enjoying yoga and each other! Then Sleep... Read more
Storytime Yoga® for Kids Day Training in Denver August 2
  Tap into Ancient Wisdom of the Word to Educate and Help Heal Children, Families and Your Self. Become an oral storyteller! Learn from the pioneering kids yoga teacher and storyteller Sydney Solis, RYT, founder of Storytime Yoga® and Mythic Yoga. Storytime Yoga® Day Training in Denver do... Read more
The Story in the Body: Teen Mythic Yoga at Lighthouse Writers in Denver
There's a story in your body. Teens taking Lighthouse Writer's Summer Writing Camp in Denver in July and August will discover what it is with Storyteller and Yoga Teacher Sydney Solis. I'm teaching this Mythic Yoga for Teens class, which is full, so that young people can fully connect to the... Read more
Mythic Yoga: The Root Chakra and the Story in the Body
Back Home I’m back in Boulder, Colorado. Back to the house and town where I grew up. We use our Mythic Yoga practice as kids yoga teachers to reflect on our own yoga practice, our own roots and story. Who am I? Where did I come from? These universal questions follow us in life, and we can disc... Read more
The Next Generation of Story and Kids Yoga on Hayden Ave.
I feel so blessed to be a mother and kids yoga teacher. In the eleven years since I started Storytime Yoga®, stories and yoga have been an integral part of my and my kids' lives. It has sustained us through tragedy, trials and a lot of travels and fun! I have been honored to teach thousands of... Read more
Review: El Maestro Eres Tú - Spanish Language Yoga Book for Kids
I love language. Words, phrases, poetry, rhymes, foreign language. I have a minor in Spanish and lived and travelled abroad a great deal. I keep up my Spanish by reading books. I've tried to expose my kids to Spanish as much as possible and have always thrown in Spanish language into my kids yoga c... Read more
Introducing Storytelling and Yoga to Early Childhood Educators
Storytelling is gaining more and more traction as educators see its value in teaching everything, including yoga for kids! Yoga in itself is so valuable to kids that it's become very popular of late. I was invited to help present at "A Story to Tell" facilitated by Deirdre Englehart, Ph.D. an... Read more
Using Storytelling in Kids Yoga Classes to Teach Yoga Philosophy
by Thea Nicholas B.S., M.A. Certified Storytime Yoga® Teacher For six weeks I led Storytime Yoga® classes at the Des Moines Downtown School beginning February 20th and finishing our last session on April 10th. The Downtown Des Moines Elementary school is an open-enrollment school where student... Read more
Kids Yoga Asana: Natarajasana
  Practice this pose to stretch your chest, shoulders, thighs, groin and abdomen. It will strengthen your legs and ankles and improve your balance. Begin in tadasana, mountain pose. Bring your weight to your right leg and draw strength into your core. Draw left knee up to hi... Read more
Nataraja – Lord of the Dance: Kids can learn about this Mythic Image
by Sydney Solis Nataraja Illustration by András Balogh Copyright 2012 The Mythic Yoga Studio LLC All Rights Reserved Hello little children! Today I want to tell you about Nataraja. Who is Nataraja you ask? He is the lord of the dance. In Hindu, nata means dance and raja means lord. He is d... Read more
Story and Yoga for Kids in the Library - Henny Penny, Puppets and More!
by Kathe Hudson, Librarian and Certified Storytime Yoga Teacher Aloha and welcome to Story and Yoga in the Library! Fall is dropping down upon south Louisiana. Brief spells of cooler weather visit us, a relief from the summer heat, ahhhh, we can actually enjoy the outdoors. Crunchy pecans cr... Read more
Healing Trauma with Story and Yoga
I teach out of my own practice. What stories I tell and the yoga that goes with it, is greatly influenced by my own life. And my life has been filled with a series of deep traumas, and always people ask me, "How did you survive? What did you do to get through?" I always say, yoga and stories got me ... Read more
Storytime Yoga® in the Library: The Lion and the Mouse
by Kathe Hudson Master Certified Storytime Yoga® Teacher and Librarian “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” ---Aesop Once upon a time in a deep, dark forest there lived a ferocious lion. All of the forest creatures cowered in fear whenever he came near. His m... Read more
Storytime Yoga® for Kids Beginners Series Starts April 12
Oral is primary! Get started educating your child with oral storytelling and yoga – from wherever you are in the world! Take the Online Storytime Yoga® for Kids Beginners Series with Sydney Solis. It starts Saturday, April 12 p.m. EST and runs for three weeks on at the Mythic Yoga Stu... Read more
Art of the Storytelling Yoga Teacher Online 4-week Course Begins April 1
Spring is here! Warm up your vocal chords and put them to good use. Enroll in the online Art of the Storytelling Yoga teacher online course and learn the fine art of oral storytelling to teach yoga and yoga philosophy to children, teens and adults while tapping into your creativity. Learn from w... Read more