Bring the Wisdom of Story to Kids’ Yoga Classes

Storytime Yoga® for Kids

Sydney teaching youngsters at the Light House Children’s Museum in DeLand, Florida 2014.

“I feel certain you bring some magic to the practice of yoga for kids. Thanks for sharing it!” 

                  - Kaitlin Quistgaard, Editor-in-Chief
                                    Yoga Journal Magazine

Click here to read the Yoga Journal article about Sydney Solis: “Once Upon A Pose.”

Stand out from the Crowd! Use the Award-Winning Storytime Yoga® for Kids Materials by Sydney Solis and Educate your Child with Wisdom Stories and Yoga

Storytime Yoga for Kids Book Cover

Storytime Yoga: Teaching Yoga to Children Through Story

Get the Classic, Award-Nominated Kids Yoga Teaching Guide that started a generation of kids yoga and story enthusiasts Storytime Yoga®: Teaching Children Yoga Through Story.

Treasure in Your Heart kids yoga book coverCreate a peaceful world with story and yoga. Storytime Yoga®: The Treasure in Your Heart: Stories and Yoga for Peaceful Children

Peddler's Dream DVD cover




Award-Winning Storytime Yoga® The Peddler’s Dream Kids Yoga DVD as seen on PBS!


Storytime Yoga for Kids Anansi's Hunger Utkatasana

Use materials to educate your child with yoga and story! 

Namaste and Have a Magical Day!

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Storytime Yoga for Kids Book at Telluride Public Library
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Live Storytime Yoga® for Kids Family Classes with The Queen of Bohemia in Denver
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The Little Lotus and Breathe it in, Breathe it out Dance
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  Tap into Ancient Wisdom of the Word to Educate and Help Heal Children, Families and Your Self. Become an oral storyteller! Learn from the pioneering kids yoga teacher and storyteller Sydney Solis, RYT, founder of Storytime Yoga® and Mythic Yoga. Storytime Yoga® Day Training in Denver do... Read more
The Story in the Body: Teen Mythic Yoga at Lighthouse Writers in Denver
There's a story in your body. Teens taking Lighthouse Writer's Summer Writing Camp in Denver in July and August will discover what it is with Storyteller and Yoga Teacher Sydney Solis. I'm teaching this Mythic Yoga for Teens class, which is full, so that young people can fully connect to the... Read more
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